Organizational Consulting

We specialize in co-creating cohesive, productive teams with effective feedback systems, efficient decision making processes, and respectful communication norms that utilize each person's gifts. Inquire about organizational consulting.

Workshops and Retreats

We offer interactive workshops and retreats for groups of all sizes, utilizing experiential, interpersonal, and reflective activities to inspire vision, motivate change, and build more cohesive communities. Contact us to schedule a workshop or retreat.

Public Speaking

Roxy's ability to weave parables from her life as an Afro-Caribbean immigrant, combined with her critical thinking about social issues and clarity of vision for social change, moves and inspires audiences from all backgrounds ready for transformation. Inquire about retaining Roxy for a keynote or speech.

Interpersonal Coaching

Our individual and relational coaching focuses on developing NVC consciousness in order to recognize the strength and beauty each individual possesses. Our non-judgmental, insightful coaching supports deep interpersonal and intrapersonal connection and enables lasting healing of the self and relationships. Request information about our coaching services.

Who We've Worked With

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