Humans are relational beings. And, relationships are hard work! Given these two truths, it’s always so surprising to me how little of our education focuses on helping us get skills to manage the countless relationships we have. Instead, we see numerous examples of what not to do in relationships on television, in the movies, and sometimes, sadly, in our homes. I remember laughing at shows like The Office or cartoons like Dilbert, knowing they pointed out so clearly what doesn’t work, even as I struggled to figure out what did.

We can (re)learn how to be authentic, compassionate human beings who have relationships that thrive.  Using the consciousness of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and informed by extensive education in human psychology, I work to help you identify the relationship patterns that are not working for you and create new possibilities.  Do you need to learn how to speak up about what matters to you? Maybe you want to bring more gentleness to your interactions with colleagues but you’re afraid you’ll be judged a doormat? Do you hold back from giving feedback because you afraid it will create more resentment and disconnection? Decades of working with people, in both their intimate and professional relationships,  lets me know that change is possible. We can nurture vital, nourishing relationships.