Group Constellations Exploring Race and Ethnicity

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the impact of transgenerational trauma and family history using Systemic Constellations.  The workshop focuses on the experience of people of color and their families in the United States. The work will be primarily concentrated on healing and exploration through facilitated constellations, with multiple constellations offered each day to support opportunities for many. We are aware that having a space that is for and centered on people of color can support deeply vulnerable, transformational connection and healing. In order to do so, we are reserving Saturday and Sunday for attendees who identify as people of color. On [...]

Living Peace Retreat

Ben Lomond Quaker Center 1000 Hubbard Gulch Rd, Ben Lomond

Are you interested in developing skills to keep your heart strong in the face of the immense challenges of our times? The tools of Nonviolent Communication can support us to keep ourselves healthy in turbulent times and to make a difference for everyone whose lives we touch. Join us for this special residential retreat program where we’ll delve into NVC as an embodied practice for transforming our lives, relationships and world. During this five-day retreat, you’ll learn ways to: Stay grounded and balanced in challenging moments Enhance your ability to listen well and speak with clarity Deepen intimate and family relationships [...]

BayNVC Immersion Program: 8-month NVC Intensive

Sacred Stream Center 2149 Byron Street, Berkeley

Nonviolent Communication is about more than what you say. It’s about developing internal resources to realize our potential and live in line with our values. It’s about showing up authentically and compassionately in all circumstances, learning to care more fully for ourselves and for others, and transforming moments of immobility and helplessness into experiences of power and choice. THE IMMERSION PROGRAM OFFERS TRAINING TO: Transform recurring conflicts Enhance your ability to support others Find more balance and clarity with your own “triggers” Shift areas of your life that seem stuck Deepen your capacity for listening and empathy Build community focused on [...]

Alive and Empowered: A Virtual Intensive Training in NVC


We learned to speak — and to keep silent — as toddlers, and our patterns of communication are as deeply ingrained as our native tongues. One can get a sense of the basics of Nonviolent Communication in a couple of hours. Taking the practices into our everyday lives, though, requires immersion. Taking on a new language — one that leans toward self-acceptance rather than self- criticism, toward open curiosity rather than judgment, spacious choice rather than reactivity — requires time and practice in the context of a loving and supportive community. This VIT has the potential to change our [...]

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