Coaching Across Racial Microaggressions: Open To All


We often either don’t know why what we said or did is being called a microaggression, or we’re desperately resisting any possible inference that might lead to someone judging our behavior as racist. So how and where can we learn more? Join us for this four part series on Saturdays.

NVC for All – Learn to Share NVC While Attending to Power Differences


Are you an NVCer who would like support in sharing NVC in a way that attends to the needs of people who have been historically marginalized? Join this inaugural “Train the Trainer'' series. You will meet with Roxy on Saturdays for 8 weeks to experience a foundational NVC curriculum originally developed by Roxy for and with the Freedom Project. Unpack the theory driving the curriculum to build your awareness of specific issues encountered in communities with less access to power. You will also use this curriculum to concurrently facilitate your own group of learners. After each session you facilitate you will [...]

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