NVC for Real: Coaching Across Racial Microaggressions

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We often either don’t know why what we said or did is being called a microaggression, or we’re desperately resisting any possible inference that might lead to someone judging our behavior as racist. So how and where can we learn more?

In this four part online series, you will have the opportunity to bring specific examples of microaggressions you’ve committed or wondered about, so that we can unpack them together. We will:

  • Walk through an understanding of the implicit messages that make certain expressions or actions painful.
  • Explore how to truly show up for the impact of our actions in ways that create the possibility for healing for those we’ve impacted.
  • Practice how to respond if we were the bystander observing a microaggression.

Join us four Sundays, starting April 4, 8:30 – 10:30a PDT



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