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“One fundamental belief I bring to my coaching practice is that we each have the capacity for lives filled with meaning, hope, joy, connection and purpose.”

Individual coaching with Roxy is an opportunity for you to get support to live the quality of life for which you yearn. Roxy’s empathic, accepting style, combined with incisive yet gentle questioning, creates opportunities for exploration and growth. Using Nonviolent Communication and other coaching modalities, Roxy will help you address various life challenges:

  • Are you eager to implement a new way of living, and want support shifting core beliefs that impede your movement?
  • Would you like help identifying the factors you wish to consider in evaluating an important life decision?
  • Are you ready to integrate NVC consciousness in your personal relationships?
  • Do you want to role-play or rehearse an upcoming conversation you expect will be challenging?
  • Are you a therapist or life coach who wants to work on integrating an NVC approach into your practice?

These are some of the many ways that people have used individual coaching sessions with Roxy. Contact Roxy today to explore how she can help you live a more connected, purpose-filled life.

I facilitate NVC workshops, coach NVC one-on-one and am an NVC-and-Focusing-oriented psychotherapist in private practice. I have worked with Roxy in person as a trainer, and on the phone for case consultations and other NVC and psychotherapy-related support. Every time, I am wowed and touched by her presence, her “hit the nail right on the head” reflections, and her meaningful and useful suggestions. I feel grateful and fulfilled every time we consult. I am so glad Roxy is available to me as a resource because I value the support and learning, especially since I am isolated as an NVC-oriented professional because of limited access to NVC peers.

Shulamit Berlevtov, Canada

authenticity | to matter | appreciation | partnership | understanding | choice | mutuality

These are some of the basic needs that so many couples struggle to meet in their relationships. Roxy can support couples in talking with each other, to share their deepest longings in a way that creates true understanding. Whether you have been together for decades or are just beginning a new relationship, communication coaching can provide support in a variety of ways:

  • bring an NVC consciousness to your intimate relationships
  • learn how to communicate honestly and authentically with your partner
  • get support in working through issues and decisions that affect you both
  • understand needs behind your and your partner’s behaviors that trigger distress
  • make requests of each other that invite joyful giving
  • find ways to connect to and maintain choice in parenting and other areas of your life in the face of resistance from family and friends

Roxy’s approach to working with couples, based in Nonviolent Communication, is time-limited and problem focused. Couples are supported in identifying specific issues in their relationship which they would like to address. Coaching then focuses on creating empathic understanding between the partners to identify strategies that will lead to mutually satisfactory change.

Contact Roxy today to explore how communications coaching for couples can enhance your relationship.

“Roxy is extremely perceptive. She helped my husband and me gain clarity about what we wanted and how we wanted to be in our relationship. Working with Roxy has helped us tackle some difficult issues, and has given us better communication skills and capability to work through our issues on our own.”

S.F., Mountain View, CA
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