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Three questions guide our work.

Our capacity to thrive is impacted significantly by the systems in which we find ourselves. Humans are communal beings who are part of systems, whether we are impacted by the systems with no sense of control, or have some say in how the system runs. Unfortunately, more and more these days, we find ourselves navigating systems that advantage some people over others, some groups over others. Some systems are recent; other systems have been providing systematic advantage to people from some groups for generations. What is the path for creating more equitable systems that are still effective and productive?
While systems can seem overwhelmingly large and powerful, they all function through people making choices in every moment. Whether you have little power in the system (a cog in a wheel) or you have all the control over the system (the person turning the gears), you can find ways to influence the outcome of the system.  We are committed to helping people examine the systems around them to identify the places where leverage can be applied to make change. Whether it’s speaking up to draw attention to the differential impact you notice, or engaging in needs assessment and strategic planning to create new, empathic, compassionate, and efficient systems, we can help you each step of the way.
Humans are relational beings. Our capacity to thrive is impacted not only by our inner resources but also through our interactions with those around us. And, relationships are hard work! Given these two truths, it’s always shocking how little of our education focuses on helping us gain skills to manage the countless relationships we have. Instead, we see numerous examples of what not to do in relationships on television, in the movies, and sometimes, sadly, in our homes. Perhaps, like us, you remember laughing at shows like The Office or cartoons like Dilbert, knowing they pointed out so clearly what doesn’t work, even as you struggled to figure out what did.

We can (re)learn how to be authentic, compassionate human beings who have relationships that thrive.  Using the consciousness of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and informed by extensive education in human psychology, we work to help you identify the relationship patterns that are not working for you and create new possibilities.  Do you need to learn how to speak up about what matters to you? Maybe you want to bring more gentleness to your interactions with colleagues but you’re afraid you’ll be judged a doormat? Do you hold back from giving feedback because you doing so has often resulted in more resentment and disconnection? Decades of working with people, in both their intimate and professional relationships,  leaves us confident that change is possible. We can nurture vital, nourishing relationships.

Lasting behavior change rarely comes through shame and punishment. Instead, that strategy often leads to depression, avoidance and hopelessness. What has produced effective change is when people gain clarity about what’s important to them. Rather than trying to make change by shaming and punishing a client into submissive compliance, we support clients in creating positive change empowered by empathic connection to what matters most.  When we have clarity about our deepest values, decisions become easy and work become more enjoyable. we gain a better understanding of the obstacles to our goals and strategies to successfully navigate them. We help clients mourn past limitations and failings, and get inspired by connecting to their innermost dreams. We will work together to figure out what you’re truly yearning for, and why some current behaviors and actions aren’t producing the outcomes you want. Change comes most efficiently when we dare to acknowledge our true desires, and can work towards them with supportive, honest feedback and encouragement.
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