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Deeper Connections | Action for Happiness


In this video, I introduces the principles of Nonviolent Communication and how we can use these to enhance our relationships, deal constructively with conflict and create more harmonious connections. This conversation with Dr Mark Williamson was recorded at an Action for Happiness event on 28 October 2020.

Deeper Connections | Action for Happiness2021-02-04T07:31:38+00:00

Kwanzaa Reflections – Imani


Today, the last day of Kwanzaa, the first day of the New Year, we focus on the last of the Nguzo Saba, Imani - faith. Imani encapsulates the hope and promise of Kwanzaa in its celebration of African American and African-descent peoples. As we explore each of the Nguzo Saba, we are exploring ways that African American folks can thrive, despite the centuries of degradation, oppression, and systemic inequities. Kwanzaa reminds us that there are concrete steps we can each take to ensure that the strength and beauty of African American community will continue. Kwanzaa is an implicit promise, a [...]

Kwanzaa Reflections – Imani2021-01-02T05:52:35+00:00

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